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We are a statewide leader in shaping public policy. We educate, learn from and influence policymakers to benefit our member health centers and their patients. Want to keep health centers alive and thriving?  Join us!

OPCA Policy Analyst 
Victoria Demchak
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You need to know the few key issues that can make or break Oregon's community health centers.  Get the big picture of OPCA's policy focus on the state and federal levels.  
Have a minute to call or email your legislator on the most critical threats and opportunities for health centers? Join the grassroots advocacy network coordinated by our sister organization, Community Health Advocates of Oregon. You'll receive action alerts when your voice is most needed in Salem or on Capitol Hill.

Where should you invest a little of your valuable time to do the most good for health centers? Get the answers by keeping up with happenings in Salem.  Our weekly legislative update, published during the annual legislative session, gives you the information you need to act quickly.  Subscribe now!


More Ways You Can Connect with Policymakers and Boost Your Influence:

Give your state legislator a tour of your health center.

Give your federal legislator a tour, too.

    Attend an OPCA policy workshop.