Keep our community health centers off the edge...
OPCA Federal Policy Director
John Hummel
503-228-8852, x238

The federal Affordable Care Act provided $11 billion for health center expansion over five years. That fund expires in 2015, at the very time health centers will need it most.

The Threat If the health center fund expires in 2015, America's health centers face a 70 percent drop in their grant funding for fiscal year 2016.
The Consequences Health centers will lay off staff, hurting local residents and local economies. Sites will be forced to reduce services drastically, pushing vulnerable Oregonians to expensive emergency rooms for basic care.  Some health center sites will close, in Oregon and across the United States.
You Can Help with Just One Call

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and leave a message for President Obama.  Ask him to continue the mandatory health center fund for fiscal years 2016-20 in the President's Budget Request for 2015.

Continued funding will keep health centers alive and make it possible for them to expand to treat more vulnerable men, women and children.


Resources to help you:

Contact your Senators and Representatives.  Tell them that health centers must be saved!

Keep up to date on the most recent alerts regarding CHC funding by visiting this link.

Get your community involved!  Ask friends and family to sign up as health center advocates.






"Community health centers in Oregon are an important part of the effort to get America healthy."

--U.S. Senator Ron Wyden


  • Members of the U.S. Congress must visit their home districts once a month.
  • Hosting a clinic tour for your federal legislators during their "in-district days" is the #1 way to turn them into health center champions.
  • OPCA's Victoria Demchak can help you schedule tours and learn the ins and outs of working with federal legislators.  Let her know if you need OPCA's colorful, informative handouts to help tell the story of Oregon's health centers.