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August 15
Clinician Leader Peer Group Breakfast
August 19
OEW Training
August 20
Monthly MI Skill-Building Webinar
September 18
CHAO Forum
September 29 - September 30
OPCA Strategic Planning Retreat
September 30
OPCA Board Meeting
November 21
CHAO Board Meeting
November 21
OPCA Board Meeting

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Did You Know?

 39% of the patients served at Oregon Community Health Centers are racial and ethnic minorities, as compared to 10% of Oregon's overall population, and 20% of the US population.


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Faces of Oregon Health Care: Patient & Staff Stories

  • Columbia River Exterior
  • La Clinica Staff at DAC
  • Portland Skyline
  • Oregon Coastal Town
  • Senator Monnes Anderson at DAC
  • Wallace Medical Concern Exterior
  • Rep Frederickson at DAC
  • Health Literacy - People on Bench
  • Coastal Exam
  • Senate Office D.C. 2014
  • La Pine Exterior
  • CCC Patient Provider

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