Data/Quality Improvement Tools

Data & Quality Improvement Tools

Clinics that are part of the Data Transparency Project will share data with other clinics and work to improve on two of the six data transparency measures as identified as top priority by clinic leaders.
OPCA is here to help you and your teams with your improvement projects as you work to report and improve your data! This section of our website will feature a variety of quality improvement tools, toolkits, articles and anything else that may be helpful for clinics. These tools will also be discussed during our monthly Data/QI calls with workgroup staff participating in this project.
In addition to the tools posted on this website, OPCA recommends the following data and quality improvement resources:
  • AHRQ - The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • ASQ - The American Society for Quality's library of quality improvement tools
  • CHAMPS - Community Health Associates of Mountain Plan States
  • HITEQ - HIT-data related resources and webinars
  • HP2020 - Healthy People 2020, a great website for assessing national targets for performance measures.
  • HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration QI Toolkit
  • IHI -  The Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • NQF -  National Quality Forum, a source of many measure definitions
  • RWJF -  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • San Francisco Health Plan - Quality Improvement Resources, including improving patient access, chronic care, office management, patient-provider/staff communication and sample standing orders
  • Creative Safety Supply - 5S Training, Implementation and Methodology 
  • HIPxChange - Free toolkits for a variety of Quality Improvement efforts

Data and Quality Improvement Resource Library

Name Date File size Hits    
Data Analytics Capability Assessment 2017-12-01 295.62 KB 6
Workflow Mapping Toolbox - Multnomah County Health Department Version:1 2017-06-26 500.9 KB 105
QI Toolbox - CHCs of Benton & Linn Counties Version:1 2017-06-26 1.85 MB 102
Quality Improvement Learning Modules - List compiled by ORPRN Version:1 2017-03-16 369 KB 225
A3 Problem Solving Template Version:1 2017-01-24 43.5 KB 279
PDSA Worksheet, Instructions and Examples Version:3 2015-09-29 553.5 KB 486
AIM Statements - Instructions Version:1 2016-04-26 201.83 KB 468
SMART Goals/Objectives - Instructions Version:1 2016-04-26 264.45 KB 500
Flowcharts - Instructions Version:1 2014-04-28 266.57 KB 713
Affinity Diagram Exercise - Instructions Version:1 2015-01-21 190.25 KB 650
Project Charter Template Version:2 2015-01-21 75.5 KB 589
Process Observation Form Version:2 2015-10-20 14.07 KB 389
Report Management Matrix Version:2 2015-10-20 14.24 KB 407
Data Collection Tools & Templates Version:1 2016-06-16 546.15 KB 354
Effective Teams Resources Version:2 2017-01-12 273.79 KB 225
EHR Quality Metric Dataflow Tools Version:1 2016-06-16 1.58 MB 314
Policies and Procedures - Mosaic Medical Version:1 2016-01-29 1.1 MB 352
Five Whys (Root Cause Analysis) Version:1 2016-06-16 366.67 KB 326
Driver Diagrams Version:1 2016-06-16 267.71 KB 328
Cause and Effect Diagrams Version:1 2016-06-16 230.59 KB 338


Have an article, workflow, tool or anything else that you would like to share with other clinics about this measure? Email the Data Transpareny Team at .