Federal and State Educational Loan Repayment Programs

Federal:  The National Health Service Corps has a federal loan repayment program for approved sites located in federally designated Health Professional Shortage Area.  Once a site is designated as a loan repayment site, clinicians with traditional outstanding education loans who work at an approved site must apply for loan repayment.  If funds are available, requests are generally approved.
Website: National Health Service Corps keeps an updated list of eligible sites on their website.

State of Oregon: The state of Oregon has a loan repayment program designed for clinicians interested in working in rural communities with "unmet health needs" as defined by the Oregon Office of Rural health.  Loan repayment for qualified educational loans is based on a percentage of an individual's total loans if they agree to work in a designated area.
Contact: Oregon Office of Rural Health at 503.494.4450 or 1.866.674.4376