Technical Assistance & Training

OPCA's Laurie Francis, Senior Director of Clinic Operations & Quality


While you're caring for your patients, OPCA is caring for you.

We've built our team to boost the skills of your team. We know community health centers, and we know Oregon. Count on us to help you succeed!

OPCA Technical Assistance and Training

 503-228-8852, x231 or 


What would you like to learn?

Check out our workshops, webinars and more in Learning Opportunities for Community Health Centers, Winter-Spring 2015 It's your one-stop shop for technical assistance and training.


Which OPCA coach is best for you?

Find the OPCA team member who can give you the technical assistance and coaching you want most. We can help you streamline your work, use data to boost quality, or motivate your patients to better manage their chronic conditions.


Want even more choices?

Whether it's getting paid on time, enrolling your uninsured patients in the Oregon Health Plan or boosting your staff's satisfaction, OPCA can help you get results.  It's easy - just call us at 503-228-8852 or email .


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