COVID-19 CHC Services Communications Toolkit

How to use: This toolkit is meant to be used to inform patients that clinics are still open and services are still available. OPCA heard from members that some patients were confused as to the changes that have occurred to clinics because of COVID-19. These tools are meant to address this.

The one-page flyer and social media images for Facebook and Twitter are available in 11 languages and touch on:

- An acknowledgement that COVID-19 has proven incredibly challenging and a statement to verify that clinics are open and ready to ease the stress of the pandemic as best they can.
- An inclusivity statement to remind people that care is offered for EVERYONE.
- A list of some categories of services offered.
- A brief introduction to options as to how to get services.
- An editable section where you can fill out your specific health center’s contact information.

Please look through the folders below and take whichever versions you think will be most useful to your patients. You will need at a minimum Adobe Creative Pro.