Peer Groups

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Kurt Higuera

OPCA's Peer Groups

All the peer groups on this page are by invitation only.
As a member of an OPCA peer group, you'll meet virtually and face-to-face to:

• discuss hot topics on an ongoing basis.
• bounce ideas off your peers.
• have difficult conversations in a "safe" space.
• connect with both new and long-term members of the peer community.
• expand your content / leadership skills and knowledge.

Integrated Clinical Peer News for behavioral health, dental, medical, and pharmacy leaders:
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Peer Group Members OPCA Contact
Behavioral Health Leaders 

Behavioral health leaders who serve in an organizational leadership, management or supervisory role.

Community Health Worker Deployment Group (Currently paused)
Health staff who are CHW leads or staff working to enhancing the role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) at Oregon health centers.
Stephanie Castaño
Dental Leaders

Dental directors or their designated dental staff representatives.  

Sonya Howk
Executive Leaders CHC executive directors who serve as the head of their organization. Joan Watson-Patko
Fiscal Leaders CHC financial directors, financial officers or their designated staff representative. Claire Tranchese
HR Leaders

CHC human resources directors or their designated representative.

HR Leaders Peer Group News- October 2022

 HR Leaders Peer Group News- November 2022

HR Leaders Peer Group News- December 2022

HR Leaders Peer Group News- January 2023

Guest Article by Trixie Ortiz- "Onboarding- A Journey to Staff Retention"

HR Leaders Peer Group News- February 2023

Mallory Temple 
Medical Leaders CHC medical and assistant medical directors. Claire Tranchese  

Operations Leaders

CHC operations directors or their designated staff representative.

Operations Peer Group News - October 2022

Operations Peer Group News - November 2022

Operations Peer Group News - December 2022

Operations Peer Group News - January 2023

Sonya Howk
Pharmacy Leaders CHC pharmacy directors or their designated staff representative.  Marty Carty
QI Collective Data and quality improvement staff or other designated representative.

Terese Cook


Communications Peers                                            

Marketing, PR, & Communications professionals and/or others working on internal/external communications


Jordan Frazier