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OPCA Health Equity Committee

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Committee Description 

The Health Equity Committee at OPCA exists to provide a vision, structure, and cross departmental coordination for the work OPCA does to promote health equity programming, policy work, and other external engagement with members and partners. Committee work is informed by membership voice, OPCA’s strategic plan, the policy landscape, and grant-funded deliverables that enable the work. The HEC develops an annual work plan and yearly goals, as informed by aforementioned areas, and responds to policy/advocacy and communication needs with members and partners throughout the year. 

While this committee is focused on helping health centers identify disparities through data, and amplifying health equity policy issues through advocacy and communication, each committee member recognizes and participates in internal efforts to make OPCA an anti-racist organization. We are committed to seeking ways to ensure health equity is infused in all of the work we do. 

Project Scope – Included – “What work is included as part of this project?” 

  • Leadership engagement and identification of health equity impact across organization
  • Coordination of health equity related projects across the organization
  • Oversight of HRSA Cooperative Agreement and strategic plan goal execution related to member facing health equity efforts
  • Strategic development of communication with members on health equity initiatives/needs
  • Grant development related to health equity projects
  • Advocacy and policy communication & navigation with partners on topics directly related to health equity 
  • Advisory support to other OPCA staff on health equity topics/panels/trainings


2022 KPI: Work with a cohort of health center members representing the diversity of Oregon’s health centers (size, geography, populations served) to gather feedback and finalize the newly developed AsPIRE to Equity Toolkit (Assess, Prepare, Implement, Redesign and Empower = AsPIRE), a collection of best practices and tools for integrating health equity in the health center environment.   

2022 KPI: Deploy the Toolkit to 100% of health center members, provide implementation support and evaluate implementation process and use.