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Title:Chief Financial Officer
Company:OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond
Description:Family Medicine at Richmond (FMR), is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and currently consists of three clinics (main clinic, walk-in clinic, and a school-based health center). The CFO is responsible for the following duties:

Takes the lead in preparation of reports pertaining to: FQHC financial activities, including budgets, Medicare Cost Report, Federal Financial Report, annual audit, UDS, wrap payments, alternative payment (APM), federal grant forms and reports.
Participate as a member and make reports to the Family Medicine at Richmond Leadership Team on financial status and issues.
Lead and present financial information to the quarterly Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.
Develop, maintain and monitor performance of FMR financial policies and procedures.
Review and make recommendations for improvements to the sliding fee and collection policies.
Maintain a close working relationship with DMAP, CMS and 330 Grants Management officers.
Coordinate the incorporation of the financial aspects of other grants and contracts on behalf of OHSU and Richmond FQHC.
Develop a strong collaborative working relationship with OPCA, CCHC, and DMAP.
Perform internal financial analyses as needed and/or requested by the Leadership Team.
Work closely and collaboratively with all billing, data and financial staff within and outside of the clinic.
Serve as a member of the Family Medicine Clinical BOD.
Assist in the design and preparation of financial statements.
Manage process for accurately and timely billing of PCPCH, CPCI and other enhanced payments models.
Help facilitate the use of health information technology, demonstrate recognition of advanced primary care delivery, facilitate reports from patients covered by participating payers, participate in practice transformation and improvement activities, and provide technical assistance.
Perform internal financial analyses as needed.
Supervision of finance related positions which include Referral Coordinators (2) and Eligibility Specialists (2).

This position will supervise 2 Referral Coordinators and 2 Eligibility Specialists. The supervision of these individuals will include holding regular meetings with staff, creating and directing workflows to create efficient processes with staff, handling the time keeping and approval of hours, and performing Grow conversations in accordance with OHSU policies. The goal being to help obtain insurance coverage and/or authorizations for treatment of care for patients in order to maximize revenues and in turn providing excellent patient care.
Apply here:
Contact:Jill ONeal
Address:3930 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97202



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