Policy and Advocacy

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Engaging in public policy to improve the lives of health center patients and communities across Oregon

Working with health centers, community partners, and policymakers to inform public policy at the state and federal levels is an important part of OPCA's mission to transform primary care to achieve health equity for all.

Policy & Governmental Affairs Sr. Director 
Danielle Sobel
503-228-8852, x248
Governmental Affairs Director
Marty Carty
503-228-8852, x239

Interactive Redistricting Map

Interactive District Map

OPCA's public policy work is focused on four key objectives:

  • Assure that underserved populations have access to health coverage, and timely access to comprehensive, integrated and well-coordinated primary care.
  • Address the social determinants of health—such as poverty and homelessness, childhood trauma, language and cultural barriers, and rural and social isolation—that have and outsized impact on health outcomes.
  • Lead the evolution of payment to support advanced models of care to improve access and outcomes for health center patients, and lower system-wide costs in the short and long term.
  • Improve alignment of state and national metrics on quality, access and utilization to support care for vulnerable populations.

  To learn more about OPCA's policy work visit our Policy Resouces Page