340B Resources

Updated: 10/30/2020

This page provides resources around advocating to protect the 340B program. This is a page for sharing information and resources related to 340B and other pharmacy issues impacting health centers and their patients.

 NEW: Toolkit to help address issues raised by the actions of manufacturers (MS Word Download)

NEW: Documents for reporting to HRSA on the inability to ship 340B to contract pharmacy

Below are individual Apexus reporting sheets for Astra Zeneca, Lilly, and Sanofi. They are prepopulated with accurate product info, checked boxes, and the reason for the report. They are in a Word document so you can easily download and add your CHC specific info. There is also a blank document if you wish to fill it in on your own.

Page 1 Entity name and 340B ID. Page 4 Contact info including a signature. Also, change the document name to include your 340B ID and remove "filled in"  undefined);">  

The email address where they are to be sent is near the top on page 1.

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